Mortal Kombat 9 Moves 1.5.1


Tired of pausing your game to find your next move. This is your secret weapon.

Tired of pausing the game to find your next move!!! Well No More!!!
Just Install this app on your phone and Just Push Play!!!!

Whit Mortal Kombat 9 Moves have at your hand all of your favorite characters moves, including:

- All of each characters Finishing Moves.
- All Downloadable character moves
- All Basic Moves.
- All Special Moves.
- All Characters Combos.
- All Enhanced Attacks
- Each Character X-Ray Moves
- All Fast Tags and Tag Combos.

All 29 characters, including Kratos who is exclusive to PS3.

You can chose between two sets of buttons for XBOX 360 or PS3

As always all Updates Are Free!!

- Fix Some Issues whit Liu-Kang and Kug-Lao.
- Added One More Secret: The Krypt Monster

-Added Freddy Krueger and his complete move set.
-Added to more Items to The Tips & Secrets Section.

-Complete Rain Moves
-Mystery Character Revealed (Its going to blow your Dreams!)
-Mystery Character Trailer
-Images Optimized Improving the App Size.
-Transition effects removed for a better user experience. (The App was very sluggish and slow because of the transitions, Now the Application response time its a lot better and quicker).

-Fixed minor bugs
Fixed an Error on the manifest that makes the market to think that the application was not compatible whit your device.

- Added Kenshi's Moves (DLC)
- Added Rain Trailer and release date
- Added more secrets.

-(Fixed) Skarlet Data Got Corrupted in the last Update. Now Its Working Again.
-Added estimate release date of DLC characters.
-Added Rain Trailer Video.
-Added Xbox 360 Mortal Kombat 9 Mod Video.

-Added All Skarlet Moves! (Complete Move Set).
-Fix Skarlet Stage Fatality

- Added Skarlet Moves (Fatalities, Special Moves, Enhanced
- Added Goro Fatalities.
- Fixed Sub Zero and Cyber Sub Zero.
- Some Minor Fixes.
- Added Two Goro Fatalities.

Planned for the Next Version:
- Tablet Full Screen Support
- Only for Xbox 360, Learn How to hack your Xbox 360 to Play whit the bosses.

- Finishing Move Position.
- Cheats Menu!
- The Krypt
- Kombat Kodes
- Secrets & Tips
- Some move fixes!
- Rearrange of Move List for easy view.
- Other Bugs Fixes.

The developer is not endorsed by or affiliated with Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Neither has anyone else authorized, sponsored or sanctioned this unofficial guide. All descriptions, graphics, and information are copyright to their respective owners and usage for this app falls within fair use guidelines. All graphics used in this app are 100% user created. This app is created solely for the creators love of the game and to help others further develop their skills at the game.

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OS:Android 1.1 and up